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Multiple lipomas

I have multiple lipomas on my arms, chest including two very large ones on my legs. I know they are harmless but new ones keep appearing all the time. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and they are not helping at all with it. They are also damaging my self esteem which is already low before. I know they are generally removed on the NHS Only under extreme circumstances and private is not an option. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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Has your GP any suggestions as the situation is clearly affecting your mental health? I think this might entitle you to treatment through NHS. Good luck with it all, I know how much harm our skin problems can cause.


Can you not advertise on my post please?


when you say lipomas do you mean like moles black crusty?


i would like to know the answer to this too but you not getting any replies.? Will google it.


found out no they soft and rubbery. I have a few black crusty ones just had one taken off my face more like a wart. Checked and okay.


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