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Dark circle around the eyes

Hi I am 42 years old and I have dark circles around my eyes. I also have alopecia to the face and every were else but I have long hair. My eyes got dark like over night. I stare at pictures I took weeks and days before I recognized the circles, I've used bleaching creams to vitiams e sticks, I need help,what can I do i have be to the dermatology, hospitals eye doctor too, any suggestions please,and to top it off I got glaucoma poor me I'm tired of make up I been wearing it for 4 months I'm so a shame I would not leave the house with out my make up

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Hello Tomiiseena & welcome! The thing that would concern me most is the glaucoma. Who told you that you have glaucoma & what are they doing about it?

Your photo looks great, can you post one without make-up? Sometimes what we think we can see, like dark rings, other people don't see.


I went to the eye doctor and the rush me to the specialist, I wait on the doctor to compare the test so I can get meds they said I'm in the early stage, I'm going to try to post a pic just have to see how to do it, what I'm going to do is upload the pic begin the pic with make up


If you can see the pictures the are a week apart


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