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Skin problems related to gluten

I have a problem with my skin which is caused by eating gluten free products. Some us coeliacs react to this.

I have also recently discovered, to my horror, that some wines are not not gf because the barrels used for storage and the cork are sealed with flour paste. Fortunately, i have found a couple of compamies that sell gf wine. However, I'm sure i saw some gluten free wine in Sainsburys but i cannot find it now :(

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The hi . My daughter has quite a few good allergies ..just to say we have had things from supermarkets which were apparently gluten free etc...

Be careful and do your homework on theses products...not that confidence about the preping of them....she was in real bad pain with some of the so called ...dairy free ,,,gluten free ,,,..

Maybe home brew. Needed..lol.👍



I am experiencing some weird rash localized to my face cheekbones , I have been gf for a month now and also vegan the other day I decided to have a English muffin and had a flare of the rash Two hours later , however it seems every night around the same time of day I get the rash , regardless of diet I’ve had a battery of testing and it shows no gluten intolerance but I wasn’t eating any wheat products when the tests was done , could you explain the rash to me that you have experienced please “

Thank you Lisa


If you weren't eating gluten at the time the test may be falsely negative. You need to be eating gluten regularly for 6 weeks for the test to be accurate. I'd go see GP and ask if they want to retest.


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