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Clear, Gooey Substance

I'm new here, so I'm kinda awkward.

There is a clear substance coming from the back of my legs because I was scratching. I already have eczema, so I don't know if this is a new symptom or something. I was rolling around in the grass yesterday, maybe it was a bug bite or something. I also went to the pool yesterday. It is currently 8:35 AM, about 1 hour since I woke up. Last night I was itching a lot, too, so it may have started yesterday, I don't know.

I'm worried as heck here, and I would really enjoy a fast reply. Thanks!

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I get them too on my hands they are like these blisters that ooze white things. It is normal well for me and it goes away. Don't worry but if more start appearing then go to your gp .


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