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This is a freckle/mole located on my stomach just below my boobs. I have had it for as long as I can remember however during pregnancy it began to tingle the odd time as well as the surrounding area feeling numb to touch. I thought it was maybe to do with pregnancy as I know a lot of skin changed occur. I am three weeks postpartum and there's been no change so now I'm getting f white scared😞 Has anyone experienced this and been told it's nothing to worry about? I have an appointment with my GP on the 30th of his month so I will get it checked then

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I hope it's just an innocent mole as it looks like to me Chloe. I hate the way we live with things and then suddenly panic! But if you're just 3 weeks post-partem then you will have hormones still hurtling about so try not to panic please - hopefully your GP will reassure you on the 30th. 🤞🏽🙂

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Gp informed me that the mole looks perfectly normal however could not explain my symptoms, he said maybe it's because my stomach had to stretch during pregnancy then I've lost feeling in a small part of it x


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