Constantly getting hard spots under my skin

I am losing the will to live with my skin as I am consistently getting those hard lump spots under my skin. They are very sore and I get around 3 a week. My skin is extremely oily and I really take care of it by using creams and I drink 3litres of water a day, eat healthily and exercise often. When I wear makeup my face feels sticky with the oil and my face shines in photos. I used dianette pill for a while and this was a miracle it cleared it all but the doctor took me off it as i was on it too long and now spots have formed on my back also. I'm 22. Anybody know any other options I feel so ugly and it's bothering me.

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  • My darling you are beautiful on the inside. I am so vexed for you. Have you asked your GP to refer you to a dermatologist who has more expertise in skin issues? It also could be hormone related I guess?

  • I too suffer this type of cystic acne, its painful. Dont beat yourself up as diet has very little effect on this type of acne. Dermotologist gave me mild antibiotics to try but really pushed roaccutane which I was too fearful of. I'm currently taking vitamin a/zinc/iron supplements and using Dermalex cream with limited success but anything's worth a try....good luck x

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