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Sore Lip but just on one side !

Hi All, i am new to this site so i though I would give it a go to see if anybody could shed some light. About 4 weeks ago I started to get what i thought was just sore lips form all the cold weather we have had recently. I decided to go to the doctors as it wasn't getting any better and the soreness was just located to the right half of my bottom lip and no matter what I put on it Vaseline, Blisstex, lip balm it just wasn't getting better. The Dr prescribed me some (Fusidic Acid/Hydrocortisone) cream which i used twice a day for no more that 5 days as apparently it thins the skin. It seemed to get at bit better but now all of a sudden it feels worse ! Swollen, sore, dry and feels hot almost a slight burning sensation. I am going to go back to the Dr on monday but just wondered if anybody had any ideas of what it could be ?? Kind Regards

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Sounds like an infection of some kind that Fucidin hasn't fully tackled OR an allergic response to one of the ingredients in the medication. Hope GP can offer help, let us know x


Sounds awful and I think too long in developing to be a cold sore which I get from sun,cold weather and stress .I personally feel corticosteroids even very mild sosages only help while being applied and never a cure for anything but I am no expert.Thats all I can think of that affects only one side except an insect bite.Another doctor visit I think advisable.Shame,hope it goes soon.


I've had mine for two months. Have tried lots of natural remedies but nothing has worked. I've checked out some vids on you tube and the general consensus is to try caneston which is a fungal cream for feet and vaginal infections but apparently works well on this! Check you tube for varying advice on products and vitamin B2 deficiency...

I haven't tried any of these and am heading to the GP myself tomorrow.


Thank you very much for all your comments and feedback. So went back to the Dr this morning and he said to stop using the Fusidic Acid/Hydrocortisone) cream. He seemed to think it was just really bad dry skin thats just not healing enough to get better, so i guess kid of like a vicious circle what with the bad weather and lips being sensitive. He said just stick to using Vaseline as that probably the best thing to use, but keep applying it routinely. However the Dr did also say that he would send me for a blood test as it could be a vitamin deficiency so will see what that comes back with. I was also chatting to a friend over the weekend who suggested using 'Lansinoh Nipple Cream'..... so you may or may not know of this unless you have children, I have two which I breast fed so had already heard of this product but basally its a really thick clear creme to put of you nipples when they are sore and dry from breast feeding so i will definitely try this and see how it goes. x


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