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Eczema Assistance Required

Hi, I have recently had eczema develope on my hands legs and arms. I have had eczema in my ear for many years but this is the first time it has spread around my body. I have conflicting advice from two doctors. One prescribing steroid cream and one prescribing a gentler approach using lifestyle changes emollients and gentle soap. I have chosen the gentler approach as I don't like the idea of steroid cream on my skin. I would be interested in hearing from those inthis Group who have cleared up eczema. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Johnnyboys, I have never found an explanation of why eczema jumps around the body for no apparent reason. I avoid soap and use Dermol as a soap substitute. My hands have been a mess in the past but now it's over both arms, legs, feet, trunk, neck.......everywhere, but worst areas are my shoulders and upper back. I have not found anything that clears it, but a good emollient regime helps. I use corticosteroids after emollient if I need to, to treat the worst patches. I am going back to my GP soon for a review of my skin care so hope I can find some relief!


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