Effective Scar Reduction?

Hi, i am hoping you may be able to give me some advice on products and/or techniques which may be able to help reduce and improve scarred skin.

My son is 13 years old and had a major accident 6 months ago. Thankfully he is alive and well, but he now has scarring to his face. We have been advised to use bio oil which i massage in to his scars each evening and we apply sun cream each day to avoid pigmentation. However, his scars are still highly visible and are causing him a lot of distress. I'm looking for anything which may help us reduce the visibility of his scarrs. I don't want to try anything that may have a risk of an adverse effect on them though.

Does anybody have any idea? All are very much welcomed?

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  • Hi I am so sorry about your poor son. It must be awful for him. I would ask for a referral to a dermatologist for advice. The good news is they will fade over time but it doesn't help him now. Bio oil is supposed to be very good for scarring, but I guess it will take a while to work. x

  • I cannot give advice on scarring. I can give advice on handling the looks. He is probably in the bereavement stage of loss by now. He was handsome and now knows he no longer is. This drives tension which in turn creates a hard face which probably makes his school peers uncomfortable and they react to this. Your son would notice this and feel upset by this.

    He needs to soften up. A possible way to do this is yoga classes. This will teach him about relaxation and gaining more comfortability with himself. This in turn will make him more attractive and make him a person who people will be happy to be around.

    It is often the case we cannot do anything about the big things. However, we can pay attention to the little things which in turn makes the big things easier to cope with.

    Physical movement and good mental health tend to go hand in hand whereas talking therapy may not give the skills needed to cope with a stressor.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Thank you, you seem to have described the situation perfectly. I had suggested taking up running with me, but had not considered yoga. That's a great idea. Thank you very much.

  • I feel for him, he's at a vulnerable age and this must make that a million times worse.

    Others have made some excellent suggestions, I can only add that Changing Faces: changingfaces.org.uk/skin-c... could perhaps help to teach him how to camouflage the scars?

    If the scars are raised/lumpy then a dermatologist can possibly inject them with steroids - I have a small amount of scarring on my nose which was helped greatly by this.

    I wish him the very best of luck.

  • Thank you. We are getting in touch with changing faces, so hopefully they can help :-)

  • scars take a time to heal it depends if they are risen and red or flat /deep/ if risen and red he can have them 'flattened' by treatment from a plastic surgeon I have seen this done. also for helping, bio oil just moisturises and keeps the skin supple, but he could try this blend (carrier oil -- grapeseed.. Lavender essential oil and calendula essential oil blended in a 100ml bottle about 15 drops of each essential oil . this helps with healing the scarring / inflamation .. but unfortunately nothing takes it away but much can be done by plastic surgery to minimise the scarring . you can get a referral letter from your GP to see a consultant on the NHS .. I am an aromatherspist and use essential oils for many problems. sincerely hope this helps a bit

  • That a really helpful. Thank you very much :-)

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