there are many very harsh treatments out there which I think made my symptoms much worse and some prescribed by a Dermatologist whom I paid a lot of money to . I did a lot of research and investigation to try and help myself I asked my doctor for an antibiotic especially for the Roscesa its called Doxycyceline a course of 6 weeks sorted me out along with a procuct ro cleanse my face with and tinted cream to wear as a makeup and coverup and treatment. BIODERMA AR MICELLUAR WATER TO CLEANSE WITH A COTTON PAD AND BIODERMA BB CREAM TINTED OR CLEAR . and many products to help from this range also DERMALEX CREAM for roscesa and they do one for ecezma too .. i buy online a bit cheaper but most pharmacies sell these products . they have all honestly helped me and I can face the world again with confidence be careful of hydrocortisone creams as they are known to thin the skin on the face and can lead to other problems later as they are steroids a lot of doctors do not prescribe these creams now for the face.. I had METRODOLE AND FINECA creams prescribed by a Dermatologist they were far far toooooooooo harsh for me and made me very sore, so do your research for yourself and hopefully will find what is good for you .. i love the Bioderma range and the tinted BB cream suits all skin tones and I have actually had compliments about my skin since using it for a while... it is very gentle

good luck and keep posting and asking and well all be able to help each other..

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  • also has good tips and advice re clean skincare

  • I find also that creams suggested to me by my doctor have literally made my face burn and go absolutely red. I went on for two days but then it became too much. One person asked am I sunburnt, but it is winter time. Funny enough now the redness is going the skin seems much better. Perhaps something in the cream burnt something out?

  • I think it is because they (the medical people0 treat everyone exactly the same. every one of us has different skin types I have always had to be careful what I used on my face. it was only when I did a lot of research that I found what I thought would suit me and I was right .. skin is good now but I am always worried that it could come out again at any time so i would start any treatment straight away and not wait for it to get very bad. I use the Bioderma range on my face and it keeps me good and feels comfortable and the tinted cream suits all skin tones. and lasts as a makeup and looks natural . I love it..

  • When my skin settles I will give Bioderma a go. At the moment I am just using E45 to stop the flaky skin. Many thanks.

  • Good advice -for type 2 rosacea people could look at for the type 2 serum

  • I was prescribed beginning but I don't think it's for type 1 rosacea -ie the dry type -type 1 needs very clean moisturiser -no long list of ingredients plus plenty water in air at this time of year winter -dry clothes on radiator -use v mild washing powder

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