First eczema face flare up

My doctor prescribed me epaderm ointment and dermovate rd cream for my hands after a flare up(never really had eczema before and im 26) and i now have patches on my eyelid,under my eye,side of my nose,under my nose and under my lips. Its not too itchy but quite sore,especially in the cold weather,its very red and flaking.i know not to use the steroid cream on my face but is there anything i can do or do i need to see my doctor?ive worked in a pharmacy for year and we've always referred facial eczema to a doctor so any advice would be greatful

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  • um, I use 1% hydrocortisone (Boots Dermacare) on small eczema patches on each side of brow, and occasionally between nose and top lip but I always apply 20 minutes or so after daytime moisturiser. I find it the only solution to facial eczema which has popped up after a lifetime of eczema. Seems as if my hands have improved but my face, legs and trunk are worse!!

  • I feel your pain. I've had eczema on my face on and off for 33 years. I find that washing my face in luke warm water is good. Then pat dry with a soft towel. I then add Aveeno or E45 and leave for about half an hour. Add a tiny smear of steroid cream (in my case hydrocortisone) and then leave for about an hour and add some more moisturiser. I only apply steroid cream when the eczema is really bad and I only smear a small amount just once a day. Keep moisturising throughout the day every couple of hours if you can. I was once recommended to try a subbed but never got around to it but I find that my skin is much better in the summer and the natural heat. As winter draws in, keep your skin moisturised as this will help reduce the redness. The redness is caused by tiny blood vessels bursting in the cold. I wish you well

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