Can anyone help with a mystery mark

Can anyone help with a mystery mark

Hi, I have had this strange misshapen mark on one of my upper arms since around the age of 11 or 12. I definitely didn't have it when younger (so presume I can discount any kind of birthmark). It is not that clear on the pics, but is pale brown, has a slightly rough, bumpy texture and will go redder if in a hot bath/shower or sometimes alcohol will do this too. I try to keep it covered or cover it with sunscreen. No one seems to know what it is. Help - I'm now in my 40s! PS I've have fake tan on here to help blend it in but I think the irregular shape and also the strange "texture" on my skin can be seen. Any help very much appreciated. PS I am new so please be kind :-)

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  • Welcome to this forum. Has your GP had a look at your skin or maybe referred you on to a dermatologist?

  • Hi there thanks for replying. I went to see a dermatologist when I was in my 20s and she just said there was nothing that could be done with it and at the time I don't think I even got a name for what it was. I have been to a skin care clinic and she said it might be able to be treated with a laser but this would be incredibly expensive. I think it might be Becker's Naevus, which I've only just recently learned about. Apparently it's quite rare and even rarer in women than men and is not harmful. I should go again to the GP and get it confirmed I suppose but the last time I went about something else I showed/mentioned again this mark and she said it might be vitiligo and hardly looked at it. I need to go back and see a different GP and be bit more demanding that they look properly I suppose.

  • Good luck with getting proper attention from a GP. Not being properly listened to or looked at is a constant refrain on this forum.

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