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Embarrassing itch

Hi,new here. i would like to ask if anyone could give me some advice, i have suffered on and off with itchy nipples. every thing I have read says it is most probably atopical dermititis/Exma but there is no rash,rednes or dry skin.just the itch and occasionally spot like raised bits on the nipple. It's driving me up the wall, dose anyone have any ideas on wether it is Exma and how to get rid of the itch?

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I get it occasionally. It is not a place you can scratch very well to ease the itch.I wonder if it is yeast at a guess. I have not had it as bad as you so have not thought about treatment but I wonder if dabbing a bit of natural yoghurt on at night might sooth and get rid of yeast.When I get it it feels like the itch is right inside my nipple.I also get very painful nipples in the cold at times.


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