Neck Rash


Anyone else experience an itchy red neck rash ? Seems to be appearing every couple of months, when it does it appears on neck and chest area and itches like crazy! I do have psoriasis on legs and scalp (controlled) but flares up when neck rash appears! Docs given me betnovate and fexofenadine anti h to take.Wondering if its hormonal or menopause related.

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  • Ah my lovely, I am itchy round my neckline and trunk and almost everywhere else. The neckline and trunk are relatively new additions to my eczema which has mostly been legs and feet. As part of adjuvant cancer treatment I was first on tamoxifen, now on letrozole. Both drugs strip oestrogen from your body so trigger menopause and also bring other low oestrogen problems such as much drier skin. I have long been convinced by the link between hormones and my eczema but cannot find much research into this or indeed anything that would help!

  • Hi, Wendy68; I am experiencing the same kind of issues you are, except I have been dealing with this since March. I was diagnosed with IMPETIGO. Both arms, legs, face and female area. I am currently under a demotologist care. He wrapped both arms for 4 weeks. When he removed the wraps they looked better, but returned. I am at a loss for myself, but something you might want to check out. Pugsmom

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