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Molluscum contagiousum

Hi there I need some advice, I've been suffering from mc now for approximately 3 months, I am due to get married in June this year and wanted to get my hair done would the hairdresseres be able to do this ?

Also I have tried ACV and coconut oil but it doesn't seam to be working and I was wondering what else I could try to get rid of this mc because it is destroying my confidence

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As far as I can tell there is no reason why the hairdresser cannot do your hair for your wedding, as despite the name it does not seem to be particularly infectious. A wee visit to your GP might be worthwhile as well, just in case there is an infection conributing to the longevity of the virus.

I am sure you will look radiant on your wedding day and all good wishes for you.


I read and was told by the doctors it was contagious by touch and objects such as towels


Maybe give your hairdresser a wee call and check out their view? Or you might be lucky and it will go away of its own accord before your wedding. My understanding is that this can happen. Good luck xx


I think it can last up to six mpnths, mines already lasted 13 weeks and no sign of going


Fingers crossed for you honey xx


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