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Need help diagnosing

Need help diagnosing

Iv had this problem for the past 6 years and as the years go by it gets worse and worse. 

I have made many trips to the doctors and just keep getting palmed off with another cream that doesn't work. 

As the pictures below show the problem. It flares up completely randomly every week. Iv tried to find possible triggers without success. It mainly affects the side of my face the sides of my nose, forehead and just recently in my beard areas. 

Is it Seb derm? Or any ideas?

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It looks a wee bit like Seb Derm but a good GP or practice nurse should be taking swab and getting it checked out instead of palming you off with corticosteroid creams!


Hi Kleman12

The dermatologists couldn't work out whether or not I had psoriasis, sebhorreic dermatitis or rosacea!!!  They told me to use the shampoo for my scalp (as my skin was also affected there) on my face!  Well, it left my skin so hard and dry, I knew I couldn't carry on with the product.

What I have learnt since my diagnosis is that, skins with this type of problem requires loads of moisture!  Not a cream that sits on top of the skin (like a lot of aqueous creams and form a barrier) but products that get into the skin!!!

I changed all my products over a period of time and got rid of those that had any bad things in them - especially parabens!

I am glad to say that my skin has cleared completely - don't believe what doctors tell you.


it looks like seborrheic dermatitis. it usually look like dandruff in your scalp. seborrheic dermatitis mostly affects our face .


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