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Itchy Skin


For over a year now I have had a constant itch all over my body, its most sever on my thighs. the itch appears from small red hives which pop up all over my body. The bizarre thing is that my girlfriend complained about being itchy over a year ago and now I also have this itch. We have both been to the doctor but nothing has been diagnosed, wondering if anyone has any information we could use?

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It's a bit disappointing that your different GPs didn't take swabs to check for infection/refer you on to a skin specialist as there are lots of different skin conditions to consider.

Are you sure there remains no trace of detergent in your clothes? Make sure the clothes are perfectly washed off and there is no residue of detergent. Have you started using any new soap in last year? If yes, then in my opinion you must stop using it. Try to keep your skin dry and clean. Also drink plenty of water as sometimes dehydration causes severe itching. For better guidance, you visit an immunologist.

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