Red patches of vascular skin condition

Red patches of vascular skin condition


I have a dark red patch on both of my ankles which seems to be spreading up my legs. It started around 2 years ago as small red dots under the skin but it's now advanced to a large area. Sometimes the patches are more red than others, usually if I've been on my feet all day at work. There's no itching of discomfort but they look quite bad. I've seen 3 dermatologists but no cure. I used hydrocortisone cream which really helped but they came back once I stopped using it. Can anyone help please before it covers all my lower leg! Thank you. I've attached pics.

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  • Can I make a wee suggestion that you ask your GP to refer you to a vascular specialist as your picture makes it look more like bruising or a raised bruise? Good luck with it

  • Thank you. All 3 dermatologists said its vascular but they can't cure it! Only disappears short term if I apply hydrocortisone cream. It looks like dry blood under the skin if I look closely. I've had it almost 3 years now so I don't think it's a bruise.

  • Could it be vascular. ?

  • Goodness me love go to the doctors , your leg should not be like that I don't think a dermatologist can help you if they say it's nothing and it will go away insist on an X-ray .

    My hubby went to two dermatologist about his face coming up in red blotches when out in the sun one said it was rosacea they gave us cream to use (did not work ) went to another dermatologist they said it is sunrelated and he has never had rosacea gave him cream and he was worse , doctors said it was an infection cost £360 pounds so far and no cure so back to the drawing board for us .

    Insist on seeing a specialist if your doctor can't help

    Good luck

    Pam xx

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