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Any idea what this rash is on my hands?

Any idea what this rash is on my hands?

For the past 5 or so days, I've had this red itchy rash on my hands. Haven't changed washing powders or been using anything differently lately. Any idea what it could be? The rash is actually slightly redder in the flesh. I think my camera has washed it out slightly. I also have another slightly smaller one on my other hand.

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Looks to me like a fungal infection, so first port of call would be clotrimazole cream (cheaper if you can get the generic version) It is water soluble so would need to be reapplied after hand washing.

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Thanks that's exactly what my doctor said. Well he thinks part looks like eczema and part looks like fungal infection. Ive been applying Double Base Gel and it's cleared up now.


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