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Finally an eczema treatment that worked!

Apologies for the long story but I had to just share my experience with eczema and treatments as I have been suffering with eczema for the last 4 years and I finally am able to live a 'normal' life.

As mentioned I had been suffering with eczema for the last 4 years, my shoulders, arms and fingers all had small red scaly patches that were constantly itchy and inflamed which I had been treating with hydrocortisone cream.

However I noticed I had started to needed to use more and more cream over the years to treat my eczema which is obviously not a good thing as I learnt that steroid based creams can have side effects.

Out of sheer desperation I scoured the internet to find an alternative and after trying many products and on the verge of giving up I found a natural shea butter & apricot oil moisturiser.

What a relief!! After applying the butter to my body the itching stopped and within just two days the redness had disappeared and I literally cried tears of joy!

I once was sceptical, but I highly recommend natural products as after a month of using this natural moisturiser my scaly patches have faded and my symptoms are gone!

I now feel confident wearing sleeveless tops in public and wearing a bikini on holiday.


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Thanks for sharing this Lisa x


Hi Lisa, as an eczema sufferer myself, I can fully sympathise with your story. Could you please advise which website you used. Many thanks,


Thanks Chandora, I bought the Shea butter & apricot oil moisturiser from a company called Pure Body Butters ( they have some really good reviews online and a small tub only set me back £4.

My sister is currently using it on her new born baby as she noticed eczema patches on her arms and after my experience is hesitant to use anything containing steroids or synthetic ingredients.



Hi Lisa thanks for sharing your experience.

Your recommendation has really helped me as I had eczema on my knuckles and as an amateur cyclist the cold weather really gives my hands grief.

I was a bit skeptical when I read your post but I visited the site, read some of the reviews and decided to give these body butters a try on my sore knuckles.

Impressed is an understatement! My knuckles are no longer sore and no more redness.

Some of the guys at the club do make fun of my pre cycling preparation now but I can easily handle that than the painful hands.




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