Sun Protection for facial scars


Can anyone recommend a sunblock for a 4 year old with very new facial chickenpox scarring (the scars are 2 weeks old)?

Our GP recommended a sun hat and we are on holiday in Italy next week.

I want to ensure the scars are not made worse by sun exposure but have been unable to find a complete sun block for new scars.

Any info most welcome

Many thanks

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  • Make this one and feel safe.

  • Or go to this pinterest page and investigate them

  • I have scars on my face and legs which I protected with factor 50 (sunblock - thick paste basically) but I don't remember how soon I started to use it. Covered my legs for a while with long skirts etc. I'm afraid I couldn't tell you which make I have used by any for sensitive skin or similar might be good? I would still wear a hat.

    Google suggests:

    Ambre Solaire Kids Milk Spf 50 Sensitive Advance 200Ml

    Banana Boat Baby High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50 60ml

    I was looking for e45 suncream, good reviews but sounds like it may not be made any longer. Best to ask a pharmacist/ doctor if the skin is not quite healed? If healed over, something with a moisturiser that is sensitive and high spf is best i think.

    Good luck

  • I use Ultrasun Factor 50 for sensitive skin. It's a once a day product but I do top it up as I live in the Middle East. But I've never burnt since I've been using it and no longer get prickly heat either. Clemmie

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