miss emily seniore

miss emily seniore

hello i am allergic to everything, nickel , makeup, heat, pork, red meet, cleaning stuff, wash powders, dairy, sented stuff, and more, i get ezema on body and arroung eyes, im a lergic to my tear ducts so when cry blister. i have phyrosis on legs. i am disabled 43 with 13 conditons and photophobia and suicidal depresion. photophobia alergic to light, causing migrans, sickness , pass outs, stroke like symptoms down rite site, and slerded speach and pain down rite side. i am on 30 pills a day for life, mostley pain killers, also astma spays and hay fevert sprays. i have to wear dark, prescribed lenses in my glasses and look like stevey wonder. i have at the moment got a bad patch on my arm from fingers to top of arm, my new docotor says oh you dont need anything it will just scare like the rest and gave me aqueous cream, its horriable and enbarising and itchey. alreay have oils, epederm, diprobase, piriton to stop itch!!! what can i do, emma in kent house bound. nickname animal from the muphets! x

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  • Emily hope the following things might help you as they have helped me.

    Dont use nikel jewellery at all. I paint trouser buttons with clear nail varnish.

    I was advised to use surcare washing up liquid and soap powder and find this helps a lot for me. Most big supermarkets stock these.

    As for the photophobia I was told by a doctor that the body does it desensitization in February so I find building up the the natural rays from the sun gradually starting in February helps a lot rather than hiding from the sun.

    Not using rubber gloves and using unperfumed neutrogena hand cream helps with rash on hands.

  • i dont ware nickel or any jewlery. unperfumed aqeous cream soap, cant bare light thats why have my prescriped lenses, i also have a lazy eye, which when presure builds up all the bood vessels in i blow, my eye goes black, like somebody just punched me lol. feeling better after my suspected stroke, can speak now and have use back in my write side. having 13 life health conditons many causing pain? alergies. no mobility. doc says im so weak after the last ten years, im not alowd to work, the 5 of us me, my partner and 3 kids all under mental health 3 buileds, 3 suicidal, belimick, cant tell you which of us. 3 builed. 2 school builed and me work builed. i dont go out much cos my legs dont work or my spin after accident at woork 2008, pain teriable. i have my 2 sticks, my walker, my chaire and the crashed schooter.

  • Dear Emma I love your user name made my day! So vexed for you that your new GP was so dismissive of the condition of your arm. Please go back to her/him and make a fuss and ask to referred to a dermatologist.

    Good luck with it all as it all sounds like a nightmare for you

  • thank you had a suspected stroke this week to

  • Wishing you a good recovery and some understanding from those that can support and love you

  • no support but thank u

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