Eczema flare up but dairy free toddler

My 15 month old son has a dairy intolerance and is therefore dairy free. Part of the reason for this was his eczema which cleared up immediately after moving away from dairy.

However his eczema came up about 4 weeks and has just got progressively worse. He has not had any dairy and I'm so confused as to what's wrong.

He's teething at the moment which someone suggested could be the issue but it's never happened before.

I'll make an appointment with the doctor but wondered if anyone with experience has any suggestions? Thanks!

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  • My daughter is 28 and still has flare ups occasionally when she gets stressed about anything, so, in your son's case it could be his teeth bless him. The sun should help him, I know it does her. Have you changed anything lately, washing powder or soap for instance? What about wheat? Has he eaten a lot of that? I know she reacts badly to that.

  • Your son may be dairy intolerance, but what nutrients that are in dairy food are needed for good skin oil production and have not been replaced when you took him off dairy food.

    Dietary needs is something that is continually changing. SO what is right one week may be wrong the next. Teething is stressful. So there will be a change in the sweat that the skin produces. This will change the bacteria growing on the skin. Which in turn will change the response of the skin.

    Mild bleach - very very mild bleach has been shown in trials to be beneficial for some people. I have used mild bleach to stop the itching of eczema. This is a matter of careful experimentation as there is always a dividing line between being helpful and causing unwanted side effects.

    Taking Evening primrose oil tablets has been helpful in getting rid of my eczema problems. This again is a matter of experimentation. How much is helpful and how much is unhelpful with side effects.

    Hope this has been helpful.

  • Like others below I would suspect teething as an additional stress on the wee soul which might well exacerbate his eczema, but of course sometimes the condition is just inexplicable. I know that my eczema is worse at times of hormonal change which is also a stress on the system.

  • Thanks everyone, your comments have been really helpful. It really makes us question his dairy intolerance when he gets flare ups like this.

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