Been taken off cyclosporine due to kidney/liver results in blood tests

Has anyone been taken off the above due to liver/kidney results. I had the test last Wednesday and on Friday GP phoned and told me to stop taking them immediately and that he would fax consultant. Ihad been on max dose of 350 but my first tests showed my kidney function was 31 which was high so dose was reduced. My second set of tests showed it had gone up to 90! I still haven't heard from my consultant. I am worried the psoriasis will come back and am already starting to see the skin on my leg getting worse plus I am in constant pain and struggle to walk. I am taking maximum number of Zapain but wife wonders if this is a good idea given my liver/kidney results.

I wonder if anyone else has had bad kidney/liver results and been taken off the drug? If so, did your blood tests return to normal and how long did this take? Were you given an alternative drug and if so, did it help the psoriasis? They tried me on Acitretin but that didn't seem to do much. I am 76. Thanks for reading.


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