I'm new to this. I've a problem with the above which is embarrassing I sweat from top head to tip of toes,usually happens if I'm outside no matter how cold then go inside my skin reacts to temperature,my hair gets soaked,it happens if I'm doing housework as well, which iv just started new venture cleaning privately,it's embarrassing because even half hour of cleaning I get wet my hair gets soaks start dripping down neck,n I feel so embarressd ed n apologetic.iv Dr's appointment next week for this,yet again Dr's don't seem concerned just get offered anxiety group sessions,what do I do if not listed to again, iv been researching again today it's been recommended to try oxybutilin,but iv fibro plus sarcoid so on meds.

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  • I suffer with acne as well so surely helping me with sweating will improve skin.

  • Hi. I really can sympathise, I get the same but head only - wet hair stuck to my head, red face dripping sweat over my patients!! I was given amytriptyline which I couldn't take because I'm hypersensitive to anything sedative but it may be worth discussing with your GP.

  • This might help Sally bad.org.uk/shared/get-file....

  • I experienced the same sweating that would saturate my hair, but I was on prednisone for lupus and after I weaned off prednisone, it went away completely. Hope this helps as it was horrible for the 3 years of treatment.

  • How old are you? This could be age related as in my early 20's I had the same problem then it reduced as I reached 25. So it may be hormonal.

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