NHS launch 'OK to ask campaign'

NHS launch 'OK to ask campaign'

OK to ask aims to encourage more patients or carers to ask about research opportunities that could be available to them or their loved ones, if they have a medical condition they are receiving treatment for. That essentially it is “OK to ask” about research opportunities.

A recent survey conducted by the NIHR Clinical Research Network showed that 95% of people surveyed said it was important to them that the NHS carries out clinical research but less than 21% said they would feel very confident about asking their doctor about research opportunities.

Whilst the campaign is primarily aimed at encouraging more patients to ask about research opportunities, it’s also about reminding all healthcare professionals from consultants and GP’s to nurses and midwives, whether research-active or not, to be research-aware.

FIND OUT MORE: nihr.ac.uk/get-involved/ok-...

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  • Sounds like a great campaign. Thanks for posting.

  • Sounds really interesting. I am a member of the CEBD Patient Panel and have now been invited to participate in a research project as a patient rep on the advisory group. The research projects are all really interesting and should hopefully drive improvements in quality of life for all skin condition patients.

  • Is any research into all phenphagus