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Medical research agency looking for participants to take part in studies

We have been asked by a medical research agency if any of our supporters would be interested in taking part in two different studies. Both studies will be looking into the condition you suffer with and the impact it has upon your life.

The first study is looking for participants who have Systemic Sclerosis (project number: 6941PH) and the second will focus on participants who have psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis (project number: 6943SL)

For both studies you will receive a financial reward and the BSF will also receive a donation for your participation.

To find out more details about the studies please contact for project 6941PH and for project 6943SL and please mention that you found out about this through the BSF.

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I have scaby leg GPs think its psoriasis not that they have ever really cheaked it out .. wheres it based study :)

On other issue is it true most docs say its psoriasis and never do checks on suffers as in fact could be skin cancer have read lot of schoular articals on how if you have psoriasis your like predisposed to acquiring skin cancer

Makes me glad am member of this group really

Cheers thaks


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