Hot skin, lots of sweating!

Im having a problem with my skin, i have a really red face mostly my cheeks and my nose and When i

Put makeup on it seams to really flare up, it gets soo hot and red. I am not rough with my skin and its been going on for years so have tried god knows how many foundations. Also I sweat unreal amounts around my head. Like dripping down my neck. E.g. I only walked into a club but within 5 mins it was dripping down my neck. But the back of my arms and legs are freezing to touch. Im also only 18.

Please help :)

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  • Hi Helpmex,

    You need to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. However, it sounds like you might have rosacea. In people with rosacea, oil and alcohol-based skincare products or makeup can make symptoms worse. Ideally, you need to use oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and water-based products.

    There are also medications that can help you to manage your symptoms.

    I wasn't able to find any reliable information on rosacea and sweating. Perhaps another member can help.

    All the best,


    Further information:

    Rosacea: British Association of Dermatologists.

    Rosacea: DermNet NZ.

    Rosacea: NHS Choices.

  • Thank you Shell, I thought i would need the doctor to check but thought id check first :) thank you again

  • Have you seen your GP about this? It doesn't sound normal, and there are maybe tests they can do to find out why its happening.

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