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Hi l have vulva and vaginal Lichen planus added to my SLE and many autoimmune stuff. Have seen a vulval dermatologist and also had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago with the uro neuro gynae,,have dermovate for vulva nothing for vagina..( sorry to be so up front) . Does any one else here suffer with this ? They think I also have in my throat an ear! Waiting for another ENT referral.( never a dull moment!) my toe nails have dropped off ...and my head is itchy and picking bits off! Doesn't help with the ever decreasing hair!

There doesn't seem to be a Lichen planus forum here on health unlocked?

Having a bad SLE flare at the moment..bad head aches ( also have APS/ Hughes , (can't tolerate the aspirin) )would my Rheumy want to know about my new auto stuff ...? Could he help with this and flare? GP is at a loss and dithering..gave me prednisalone ( have had lots before) but asked me to rest for another few days to see if things improve ,before we will decide wether to go on a course..I saw him yesterday as I had a lump come up on my annus ..outside ..says its a thrombotic have lidocaine/ hydrocortisone..defiantly some thing going on,,

Had the LP going on for a year...

All the lids of many boxes ( different auto stuff) are all flung open together this time ( can usually cope with a couple) but seem quite overwhelmed at the moment and various different pains! And the down side is l react to all the pain meds not taking any ..feel sure this flare is due to the anaesthetic and morphine ( that I asked not to be given) I had with my laparoscopy..!

Any advice? X

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  • Poor you, Donna. SLE by itself is enough to deal with!

    There is a free LP forum that seems to be very active at the moment.

    There is also a UK Lichen Planus (UKLP) forum, but you have to pay £5 to register.

    The UKLP does provide a free patient information leaflet that you can download. It discusses most aspects of LP, including genital LP. There are a few other free downloads too.

    DermNet NZ lists a number of treatments for LP including hydroxychloroquine (also a treatment for SLE), and tacrolimus & pimecrolimus cream for oral or genital LP.

    It sounds as if you may need to be seen by a dermatologist with good knowledge of LP. I have Sweet's syndrome not LP, but I hope that someone with LP will be able to offer you further advice.

    Take care,


  • Hello shell

    Thank you for responding to my post ,and with all the information you have given me ,there is plenty to check out and read! I wasn't aware of the patient .uk forum nor the Derm net I will pay a visit !

    I'm sorry that you have Sweets a Syndrome another nasty thing to have ,I hope you have good quality of care and are able to manage your symptoms ..

    With best wishes

  • Thanks Donna! Fortunately my Sweet's syndrome has settled down over the years. It's much less problematic than it used to be. All the best. x

  • Donna good luck with getting support as described by Shell567, you need and deserve some proper support and help

  • Hi Lovesradio,

    Thank you for leaving your kind comment ..I will check out shells suggested websites and have a good read..need a good knowledge of what's going on!

    Best wishes .

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