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Pompholyx again

Has anyone found a way of stopping pompholyx eczema from reappearing? I have wee patches of this madly itchy variety on soles of both feet just down from root of big toes and at the inner foot edge, almost mirror images. Then my right thumb got very itchy and guess what, characteristic wee cluster of blisters. Using fusibet and keeping everything very emolliated can clear it up but a week or so later back it comes. Any solutions gratefully received.

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Providing there is no infection what you are doing is right. Fusibet is a combination of Fucidic Acid (topical antibiotic) and betametasone (strong steroid). they should only be used short term (2 weeks max). If this is prescribed as treatment then you Doctor possibly treating infection although I doubt. As for moisturisers they are also required to prevent cracks when blisters dry up. I also suggest Dexem Repair ( not available on prescription). It is bio-bacteria barrier which can in theory help the condition. It prevents the colonisation of the skin with bacteria and prevents further exacerbation of the Eczema. For more info go to . you can buy from the website (link to Amazon ) It would be worthwhile to use Dexem with anti fungal cream e.g. Daktarin. If you decide to use together apply Daktarin first leave to adsorb then apply Dexem.

Lastly these will not cure the condition but provide relief and exacerbations

Good luck


Thanks very much for this very helpful response


Dexem is very expensive PharmacistPrescriber. Is this your own product?


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