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Atopic eczema

I have had eczema since birth and am now 43. I am going through a patch at the mo. My skin isn't bad enough to go back to the doctor, the worst is the itch/scratch cycle. I am driving my partner mad and he is very fed up. He is insisting I do something about it and even wants me to go to a specialist skin clinic. I take piriteeze at night but is that the strongest or best antihistimine to take? Running out of ideas and feeling very down

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Itching drives me crazy. I know steroids will clear it up but that's nasty medication and I won't take it. The Dr. isn't concerned and I haven't complained enough so I just continue to wash my scalp daily with medicated shampoo. It helps.


Hi sniggle just wondering if you are going through some hormonal change? I have had atopic ecz since for ever and am now 58 with worst times been after birth of daughter, then son, then at start of taking tamoxifen (oestrogen inhibitor) after breast removal which triggers menopause and mimics effects. I ended up at dermatologist after last episode, no-one listens to hormonal factors and this was no different, but she did patch test me and, although this showed up a couple of weird things that didn't seem relevant, she got me on to a better emollient and said to press on skin rather than scratch. I have tried this though usually have a bit of a scratch first..........sooooo hard not to. I am about to come off tamoxifen and start letrozole (femara) which is an oestrogen blocker so am a bit worried that skin will once again go into meltdown... I'll keep you and others on here posted.

Good luck with getting something that works even for a short time.


Hi sniggle,

The itching can drive you mental. Here are some tips:

- Bathe/shower in lukewarm NOT hot water. Afterwards, gently pat the skin dry.

- Use emollients, e.g. E45

- Keep your skin well moisturized with a mild, fragrance-free moisturizer.

- Try a steroid cream - you might need one to stop the scratch/itch cycle.

- Use cotton NOT synthetic pyjamas/nightwear and bed linen.

- Make sure that the bedroom isn't too warm.

- Keep your nails short and wear light cotton gloves at night (this is something I've found very useful).

- Before bed you can try an antihistamine that causes drowsiness, e.g. loratidine.

In my case, exposing the affected area to the sun can help - but you do have to be careful.

I also use Purepotions Skin Salvation. It doesn't resolve my eczema, but it does act as a very soothing salve.

Purepotions website:


I've not gone through the menopause yet so don't think it can be that. I can't use E45 as it has lanolin in it and I react to that. I use Epaderm at the moment but whilst it moisturises the skin it really makes me itch. I have to keep my nails short or I rip my skin to shreds. The sun is always good for my skin but if it's too hot and sweaty then it has the opposite effect. I'm so fed up. My OH says I HAVE to stop scratching as I'm driving him mad. I chew my fingers and pick constantly which also really annoys him. I suffer from depression too so am feeling really really low about it all.

It's nice to hear from and get advice from others too. Thank you.

Lovesradio, would like to know how you get on


Hi, there,s research holding on the. 6th june it will be helpful for us sufferers if u participate. Register to register to skin british foundation you will see it there.

My mom and i used locasalen ointment, i dont knw if u can get that here in uk, ask your gp ab8ut it, also katialis, which u can get in the US thru online.


hi sniggle i was too suffering from eczema for the past 20 years. But I got it cured fully just 15 days back with a world class product Perhaps it may benefit to you also. U can mail me on for further information and guidance. bye....regards


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