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Denying your diagnosis

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Does anyone have a member in their family who denies/ignores your diagnosis? I was diagnosed with OCD, major depression and generalized anxiety disorder earlier in the year. I have members of my family who are supportive and some who state that it’s just a label, I’m still “me”, and that it’s not real. Then they continue to treat me like I’m okay and can keep up instead of acknowledging that I am this way. They also haven’t taken the time to learn about it or make steps to see what they can do to be supportive. As much as they’re “there” it doesn’t feel like they’re here for me. I feel like I’m going thru this journey alone and still haven’t shared it with others. My brain feels overwhelmed most days (like it’s swollen) and I’m not sure what to do about this. If there’s anything I should to do begin with or to just accept that some people don’t “see” mental illness, are in denial of it, and that’s it’s not my job to explain it to them or get them to be supportive to me. If you’ve experienced this, how have you compartmentalized this in the past and what did you do on your journey that helped you?

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Sad story Mamatired, I am so sorry for that.Let me tell you that I am experiencing the exact same thing, some of my relatives support me with my fight against OCD, but others (most) don't, they pretend that I have to keep doing things as usual and I WISH I could do it, but the reality is that I just CAN'T, they want me working, having a partner and growing professionally and the truth is that I do want those things, but it is not that easy.

Now I'm going through an OCD Workbook, and maybe hopefully that will be a relief, otherwise, I'm done.

If you make your relatives understand please share with us what you did.

Best wishes.

Iv lived with ocd for 24 years now and from my experience in life no one will really make any effort to truly understand your feelings and day to day struggles with the condition. Family members are fully aware I have it but nobody will give you the full support your looking for , my wife is very helpful but on my bad days when my compulsions come thick and fast even she gets stressed out and needs a break from my relentless situation.

Don’t look for the support in others you feel you need cos you’ll probably never get the support you feel you truly need . Most people cannot even fathom what it’s like to have true ocd or any other mental health issue , it’s like trying to describe how food tastes to someone who’s never eaten food clearly has many flavours but how could they truly understand how good different foods taste without eating for themselves.

Going thru the same thing. I have NO family support and I'm alone in a big city with an older husband with way to many of his own issues. Therapy feels sterile and fakey to me. Meds are getting me buy. Just try to find one pleasure in every day. Mariaswan4.

I learned to be careful who I shared with or even how much I say even to those closest to me. I had a psychologist for 12 years and she really got it. Its good you are sharing here too

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