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How did your OCD Started?

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Hi i am runaway,

For me my OCD started from stress since I was at high school when I was aged 16!

I wasn't performing well at school and also being pressured at home by my parents as well

I would like you know your side of story how members on this community got OCD.


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Hey runaway,

I developed my OCD when I was 14 in high school mostly from home and school stress. At first many people as well as myself, didn’t know that what I had was OCD instead some sort of eating disorder because I wasn’t eating certain home made foods or food with the color red in them. But then other forms of obsessions and compulsions developed and I was finally diagnosed 3 years later. I went to a treatment center for it and felt much more in control! Now I’m doing steady in college!

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runaway12 in reply to LalaTS

that's great, it guess in today's world with so much stress and expectations people are more in dangers of getting mental health problems.

I hope people understand we are humans we all cannot be the same, we need rest and peace as well!

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LalaTS in reply to runaway12

Yeah I agree with that, what form of OCD do you have? (If I may ask)

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runaway12 in reply to LalaTS

i have intrusive thoughts, anxiety also pure o as well

I also suffer from panic attacks

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do u use meds for your intrusive thoughts

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what kind of treatment did you get to be able to go back to college? meds?

Very glad that you are feeling better and able to continue with College. Parents can cause a lot of stress, and they should be told what they are doing wrong, and be concerned enough to stop it.

I inherited my OCD from my father who had a hand washing compulsion. Mine took a different form in intrusive thoughts. My younger brother never had OCD. It is strange how it manifests, I guess no one knows. Also, I have heard that OCD can arise out of severe cases of strep throat which I had when I was younger. In fact had to take shots for a year to get rid of the strep.

Anyway, just remember that my OCD is not me and does not in any way define me.

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Fearnomore in reply to HHeerssen

I also had a bad case of strep the year that I developed OCD.

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Jewel123 in reply to Fearnomore

I had strep throat many many times throughout my childhood.

Mine started a month before I turned 19. I had just finished my first year of college and was working very hard that whole year to do my very best. I was also working part time at an eye glass store. Someone working there with me stole money from the cash register. I don’t know who that person was. The store wanted to find out who this person was so they brought in someone who performed lie detection tests. I was petrified beyond any fear that I had ever experienced before. I kept fearing that I would be the one accused of the crime even though I knew I had not committed this crime or would never ever do such a thing. I got so scared that I started not to sleep for a few days before I had to go in for the test. Then even after the test was given to me, I continued to worry and fear that I would be taken off to jail somehow. I couldn’t shake the fear away. Later the fear started to spiral into other fears of doing something horrible something completely out of my character. At the time I went for treatment right away because I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t shake the fear no matter what I did. I felt as if I suddenly lost myself. At first I was diagnosed with a panic disorder. Then it took about 5 to 6 years after that for me to be diagnosed with OCD, and I was suffering a lot. Around that time Luvox was just approved as the first SSRI to treat OCD and I was put on that medicine. It literally saved my life. I’m still on it after 22 years. It works well for me not 100 percent. Maybe 60-70 percent but enough where I can live a more normal life and enjoy it more as well. I hope and pray everyone hear finds peace from this debilitating disease and to never ever give up! You are all so WORTH IT!!!!

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runaway12 in reply to Fearnomore

That's great you got better,

yes hope everyone gets peace this mental disorder!

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hi im kind of in the same situation and im wondering if you suggest meds because im 18 and Im really struggling and my therapist doesnt suggest meds

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Hey are u ok I’m in the same situation as you

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yeah, how are you I hope all the best for you

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I’m ok thanks wbu are you in the uk or us and u too

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im in canada

are u in school hows your life going for you

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Do you have Snapchat

Mine started at about 16/17. I just started having a fear about touching things with my hands.

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runaway12 in reply to Blue274

hopefully you are feeling better now!

i noticed for the first time my freshman year of college when i went away to school. got worse again after i had kids. have been doing much better for years now.

Thank you! I have good days and bad days. I fight through the bad ones.

When I was 4!!! But didn't become full blown till I was in my 30s and didn't get the right help till I was late 30s. Phew, contamination, perfection, to crippling intrusive thoughts and paralysing nightmares!!

I'm so happy I'll never have to go back to square one.

And oh boy it does get better when you're armed with the CBT tool kit to put yourself back on track.

I got it by acquired. I had a traumatic Brain injury

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