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Therapeutic activities/helpful strategies


I am the parent of 2 children diagnosed with OCD of 2 different forms. Both have received good care from professionals and supporters in our community but I feel there could be more resources offered. I am currently working with some partners to develop community resources and am open to suggestions of what has worked for people as we would like to pursue best practices. Animal companion/therapy animals is one of the suggestions we have discussed developing. Thoughts and opinions, research study results are welcome.

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I think it's great that you're taking care of your kids' needs and also developing community resources. I don't have research study results, but as an adult with OCD I can tell you what is comforting/de-stressing to me (and I imagine people have individual strategies). Animals are great. Also music, jigsaw puzzles, exercise and being outdoors, singing, and books, especially novels that you can escape into. I would love to hear how it goes.

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