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Dr Robert Morse

Hi everyone,Just wondering if any of you heard about Dr Morse and his juicing and detoxification program.His program is based around fruit juicing and lymphatic drainage etc and also a very low protein intake.He claims to have treated a lot of chronic diseases including als and Parkinson's,ms etc with great success.

Maybe worth looking at,

I care for my mum in Ireland, we are going to try this approach.

If you put his name into YouTube there are loads of videos

Take care


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I don't know this particular practitioner. Many MSA sufferers have tried out many different regimes.Many say their chosen one has helped and many have found it does not. If it makes you feel better then fine but it is important not to stray too far from the quantities of basic nutrients the body needs to function. It is recommended that if you are taking Dopamine you should not take it too close to high protein meals as both the proteins and the dopamine use the same routes from the gut to the brain and can interfere with each other.

What exactly is low protein? If it means not wading through 20 ounce steaks that is one thing but depriving the body of the raw materials is need to repair damaged tissue is another. I would say more information and plenty of caution is needed here.It will be interesting to see what other people here have to say.

One other point, if this nasty disease deprives you of some of your pleasures, as it does, there is no point in voluntarily depriving your self of others to no purpose.


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Hi Siobhan,

Our MSA Nurse Specialist just wanted to let you know the following:

Whilst a healthy diet is important for good health, please be cautious of anyone who claims to be able to "cure" neurological diseases through dietary changes.

If you have any questions or want to discuss diet then do feel free to give us a call at the MSA Trust office and we can put you through to one of our nurses

Best wishes,

MSA Trust

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Hello Siobahn. It will be interesting to hear how you get on. Jackie and I decided very early on to live life to the full and not to chase rainbows. Having said that Jax has been open to trying new things; if only to rule them out for others who follow. We have tried the LDN route - see earlier posts - and so far have seen little effect. Of course the problem with any deteriorating condition is to know 'would she have been deteriorating faster if she didn't take this drug'.

We have also tried one or two things to try and control repeated UTI's - any suggestions gratefully received - potassium citrate looked promising but hasn't stayed the course. We have now had a suggestion of probiotics - we shall see.

The very best of luck with Dr Morse - do keep us upto date with progress. Take care, Ian


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