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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone in the community - thanks for commenting on things, it's amazing how someone's little comment can answer a question you didn't know that you had!!

Anyway, it is a season of Hope so, despite the obvious sadness and difficulties of us coping with this disease, may today be a source of hope and joy for those of faith and a time of rest and family for everyone.

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May it also be a time of hope for those of us who have , as carers, have made the MSA journey with someone we love and are now learning to rebuild the rest of our lives

Also there seems to be an increasing number of youger people who are being diagnosed. This happened with Parkinson's which used to be an old man's disease and now has a special group called Young Parkinson's. Younger people often have a different outlook and it must be very hard to be talking only to people whose response is to struggle to see the grandchildren in Australia. The younger ones often want to make their mark while they still can and really need to be in touch with others of their own age group. What about a group called Young MSA?

Find happiness where you can and good luck to everyone


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