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HU problems

A couple of months ago a hematologist put me on HU. Since then I've had a cough, sore throat, and red blotches on my neck and chest, and my fatigue has increased. I had fatigue already from 6 years of PRV, but now have even less energy. The specialist said that these problems wouldn't be caused by the HU, but I think it definitely is. Has anyone else had similar reactions from HU? A phlebotomy has not changed anything.

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Hi there, yes I too sufferred very severe aches and pains when on HU I also unfortuntly contracted the flu virus at the same time, I was particularly poorly. It is a common and well known side effect of the drug, I think the problem is our MPN's are such very rare diseases, a lot of Heam's still do not have a great understanding of them. There is a brand new booklet that is very formative, might be worth taking to show your Heam at your next app.

Best Wishes, and good luck.xx


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