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PV and a high white blood count

Hello everyone. Husband has PV and at the hospital today usual worries before and after.

After having a stomach bleed and anaemia for the past year his red count is now picking up again but his white count continues to be high. Hydroxy was increased but it is still rising.

His consultant has increased the dose again. It is the neutrophils that are high, 29.5 and the overall count is 35. In Oct they though he had MF but it is not. I am worrying about this white count and what it all means, his consultant said just bone marrow overactive. Hope everyone is ok. Thanks

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Hi Tissi, If you are not happy with the answers, ask again or ask for a second opinion. I am sorry I can't answer your question as I have PV but white blood count okay so far. Perhaps Maz can get advice for you. Sorry to hear you are worrying - there is nothing worse! I am sure someone on this site, will help so hang in there. Best wishes Aime


Hi I had similar problem with white count stubbornly high, and understand this can be a contributory risk factor. My counts now on the high side of normal but no longer excessive: I have a mix of venesection and HU



Hello tissi, I had PVR and probably, as your consultant says, the white cells are going up because of the overactive bone marrow. I also had high Platelets from time to time. It was always able to be controlled by HU, thankfully. For some reason we expect that it will only affect the red cells, but everything seems to be affected at times. I had PVR since 1983 but a few years ago I needed less and less HU to keep the blood levels in check and I was diagnosed with MF.

I think stress does not help the illness, so I hope this helps you to not worry too much.

BTW I am now 66 approaching 67 and am quite a healthy and able to ski and walk etc.

Best wishes, Michael


Thank you feel better now. they said husband had mf but Addenbrookes hospital did not agree. They said advanced PV. |His counts all ok except the whites which won't come down. Next appointment 8 weeks time. I worry all the time and husband says I worry for the world. Thank you for the reply. Happy Easter.


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