If you live in the North, have you seen the charity 'Bright Red', for blood cancer?

As I'm a runner and triathlete, but also I have PV, my club was sent this link that might interest people on here:


They are raising money for blood cancer reasearch by holding different events. I will be competing in the run on Saturday 4th May and setting up a fundraising page, if anyone is interested let me know.


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  • Hi lizl. Thanks for the link. I was unaware of this and will have a good look at the main site as soon as i find my specs which I have either misplaced or my grandaughter has hidden. Well done for competing its good you can still do it. Im envious as since I got PMF I have struggled with sore legs, feet and lower back pain which affect my ability to walk far. And I used to walk miles. Please post where you are setting up your fundraising page.

  • Hi JediReject,

    Sorry it's taken so long but I couldn't work out how to compact the link but someone has done it for me. I hope it works.


    Obviously not but if you copy it to your browser it should work.

    The site is called just giving and my event is a 5k run on May 4th.

    Many thanks .


  • Oh! it's changed to a link again. Great!

  • Hey No worries Liz cheerz for that. All I can say as a trained Jedi is 'May the fourth be with you' .... I wish you a successful outing, Im confident you'll nail it.

  • Thank you Jedi!

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