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Does anyone have difficulty making a GP appointment?

I came home from work totally exhausted yesterday and felt dreadful, went to bed after tea and stayed there until this morning, rang my GP at 8.30 am to make an appointment and was told I couldn't have one as there was no appointments left and to ring back at 1pm, rang exactly at 1.00 pm to be told they had just let the last appointment go. They said to try again at 8.15 am tomorrow morning. Is this normal? I changed GP 12 months ago as its nearer my home, apart from the mandatory check up with the practice nurse on acceptance into the practice this is my first experience of trying to get an appointment.

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Yep - sounds very familiar, sadly.....



Sorry you don't feel very well.

Yes, I do find it hard to get an appointment, I always have to wait several days or even more than a week. I am not sure if it is something new or if it always has been like this as I don't usually need to see a GP. The health centre also opens up for the "early birds" already at 07.15 nowadays, but I guess it is for people starting early at their work.

What I have noticed is, that is I ring back later on, with a bit of luck someone else answers the phone and then....suddenly I can get an appointment! Not sure what that is all about...

Hope you are feeling better soon anyway!



I understand how frustrating it is, you need the appt when your ill, not several days in advance. Luckily our surgery now has an online system where you can book anytime, only down side there are only first contact nurses who you can book with, to see a doctor is something of a hit and miss unfortunately.


HI Mallard, Got to say my GP surgery is very good but that could be because I help them out when they have students in by allowing them to examine my swollen abdomen due to my enlarged spleen. But I have to say they seem to recognise the fact that if Im unwell I can deteriorate quickly. Are they aware you have a form of blood cancer , nobody wants to queue jump but some things need an immediate appointment so I would drop in your underlying condtion and beef up your concern which might increase your chances of an appointment.

Hope you're feeling better because I know from experience how things get a grip of you when you have an MPN. Cheers


Thank you all for replying, its good to read your comments, I don't feel as alone. I gave up trying to see the GP and have been for a blood test instead, will ring hosp later for results to see if maybe my Hu needs tweaking. I have benefited from some bed rest, I don't feel as desperately exhausted now. Do you know I could take on the world when I am energised but this fatigue just makes me so low and vulnerable I could cry.


Well its good that youve taken some positive action, sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns to move things forward. Im the same as you - up one day and very low the next. Fortunately I have the support of my lovely wife who recognises when Im on a downer - though I guess it can be obvious by my mood - and suggests ways of breathing life back into me. This could be as simple as just getting out of the house and going for a brew somewhere or arranging for our grand-daughter to visit. Though tackling the underlying fatigue is more of a challenge. Hope your tests are ok.


Just got my blood result back and my platelets are raised from 432 to 575, within the last three weeks. I know it doesn't seem much, but for me the symptoms are instant, which explains the sudden onset of exhaustion and feeling unwell. I am to increase my dose from 11 Hu per week to 13, and see how we go with that. Glad I'm not imagining things. Thank you for your suppport.


Have to say that I have a fantastic g.p. team. If I ring, I can get an appointment almost immediately. (I don't ring very often thank goodness!) If I feel things are getting peculiar my g.p. will arrange for f.b.c. and get me the results usually the same day. He will also contact my haem team in the hospital I am attached to (which is 80 miles away). and ascertain whether an earlier appointment is necessary or whether changes are needed. All in all a fantastic gp team. (I don't live in the UK, but my mother does and can NEVER get appointments - she is 93 and it is near on IMPOSSIBLE to see someone - I know because I have often tried to get things sorted out for her when I am over there. (My impression of her gp practice is that they don't seem to care)


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