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Why does it say report any infection immediately to your GP when you have PV?

My lovely husband, for our 12th anniversary last Sunday, gave me his sore throat and swimming head. I woke up this morning with "Ut oh, my throat is hurting" and I am stumbling more than usual with more frequent flushes. I know HC lowers your immune system so is this why? I don't want to take up a GP appointment with a sore throat but reading what I have about infections with PV I am a little worried about how bad this will get? Am I being a wuss?

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I have been and currently on the end of a really bad cold (according to the dictionary its something called manflu). To be honest if it was me i would try and see if it runs its usual course, usually they do.

I did go as soon as i got shingles, but then i think most people would.

However whats right for me doesnt mean its right for others, if it puts your mind at ease you could call the GP's, but i would expect them to say wrap up take paracetomal etc and see if you recover like anyone would.

The only thing i have found, as has happened again, i seem to have lurched from one cold to another but i think thats the 'matsui' cheap and cheerful immune system i have. And i know have just shown my age by saying matsui.

I know i will be wrapping up warm, having a hot toddy and trying to sleep it off

Hope you feel better soon



thanks Paul, you know I haven't had a cold in at least 12 years so can consider myself really lucky. I just wanted to know if, because of the suppressed immune system what to expect but I am sitting in my Team Jill onesie and my thick fleecy dressing gown, a blanket over my freezing cold legs and on my second pack of Beechams and a tin of chicken soup waiting for my tea lol. We have just moved GP's and when we went to see the practice nurse she said the Doc had read the forms I had completed and wanted a complete cardiac check which I am having tomorrow so hope I am not snuffling my way through it. Wish I could go in my pj's hahahaha


If i was you i would call them and explain you have a bad cold, im no expert but i would think there is a possibility of a bad cold/infection intefering with any cardiac check.

I have my 3 monthly on thursday and will see how go tomorrow and ring them for guidance if still feel as ill as i do.

In the meantime get pampered thats what i have made clear i expect to happen tonight :)


snort, how do you think I caught his cold nudge, nudge

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