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Cardiff Patients' Forum - 4th October 2012

MPD Voice will be holding a patients' forum in The Parc Hotel, Cardiff on Thursday 4th October from 6 - 9 pm. Why don't you come along, you are welcome to bring family and friends with you, there is no fee to attend, a complimentary finger buffet and refreshments will be served during the forum. This is your chance to meet other people with MPDs and to hear 2 leading specialists talk about MPDs and drug trials, you will even be able to ask them questions. Forums are a great place to meet in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, you can learn a lot about your MPD from talking to other people. More information, including a link to the hotel for travel details, are available on our website at

If you would like to attend this forum please email

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Thank you all for arranging this. See you all there.


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