What are your current counts ?

I would be interested to know what everyone's counts are - and I think it shows how diverse our illness is. I have ET - my platelets are currently 798 - but normally controlled around 350. My white blood count is 7.3 - it used to vary a lot early on in my diagnosis. Red blood is usually the same at 4.6. PCV (packed cell volume/hematocrit) 43 (or 0.436) - I am Jak2 Positive

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  • Hi, I'm Jak2 positive and have ET, my last count had my Platelets at 1423, my white blood cells at 11 (I think, it was the first time they had ever been mentioned so cant quite remember but she did say they weren't worried about them yet) everything else normal. Having bloods checked every 6-8 weeks at the moment due to having such a high platelet count.

  • marianela

    Do you aspirin dayly Elvis-Fan? What about Hydra?

  • I take 75mg aspirin daily but as I am only 33 and haven't ruled out another baby my haematologist is reluctant to put me on any meds other than interferon but I react really badly to that so we are just sitting tight until platelets get to 1500. Jak2 positive means, as I understand it, that we have a mutation in an enzyme which causes our ET or other MPD.

  • Marianela

    Can you please tell me what Jak2 positive is?

  • I have ET. My platelets are 810, WBC are 5.8 and RBC is 4.6.

    I am on aspirin and am JAK2 positive

  • marianela

    Hello Elvis-Fan. Thanks for the explanation about JAK2 positive. When my disorder was diagnosed the haematologist did not mention anything about that - it is a good while back.

    My platelets were 510 last time I went to the hospital to have blood taken. am only on aspirin at the moment.

  • i have ET my platelets have just risen to 406 and my hemoglobin is 10.4 which is quite low my hemp said if it drops by one more point he will consider changing my current meds. i am taking 500mg HU daily 1000mg on sundays plus 75 mg asprin. i am a little worried about what the new drug maybe as i dont have any side effects to Hu.

  • Hi, I'm 52 years , Jak2 positive and have PV, my last count had my Platelets at 331, my white blood cells at 6.81` Hemoglobin 15.8. Having bloods checked every 5-6 weeks usually I'm out of normal range with Medium Eritrocitar Volume MEV 98.3 (due Hydrea but I use acid folic for adjusting this). My treatment is 1Hydrea/2 days, 1 pill acid folic /day and 2.5l water/day

  • Hi, I am 52 years old, was diagnosed in 2007 when my platelet count was just over 1000. It is currently 485. I take 1000mg of hydroxycarbamide and 75mg asprin daily. Sometimes my platelet count rises to around 600 or 700 (usually if I neglect to take the meds every day). As soon as I was prescribed the Hydroxycarbamide in late 2007 my platelets fell sharply and I was in the 'normal' range within six months. I have my blood checked every 3 months. I am JAK2 positive.

  • I am 41. I was diagnosed with ET at the age of 33 in 2003 following an MI.

    My platelets were around 800 when I had my MI.

    I am currently on no meds for ET but have taken Hydroxyurea (2003 - 2005), IFN (2005 - 2006), HU (2006 - 2008) and Pegasys (2008 - 2011).

    My current counts (11/7/12) are as follows:

    Platelets - 296

    HCT - 0.43

    HGB - 13.9

    WBC - 4.6

    RBC - 4.71

    I am JAK 2 Negative.

  • Hi E.Tphonehome, I am 42 diagnosed et when i was 36,platelets currently 694, I am JAK 2 Negative too , " what's JAK 2 Negative" ??

  • I have PV and my platelets are 786 and HGB is 14. I'm only on baby asprin and also JAK 2 Positive. Do you take any suppliments.

  • I was diagnosed with ET last August and my counts were platelets 785 and hgb 16.5, I had an enlarged spleen and Jak2+. My Consultant said it may progress into PV, but looking at the PV results above I would say I had PV, am I missing something?

  • I'm Pending JAK 2 diagnosis, as well as "final" diagnosis, but I've been told I have ET w/ platelets at 935 at last draw. Currently only on daily asprin.

    Apparently, I have had ET (2002) for awhile but the doctors never noticed/cared before. Awesome Dr. now and will find out soon where to go from here.

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