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We will be hold our next patients’ forum in Edinburgh on Thursday 28 June from 2 – 5 pm in the Western General Hospital, more information is available on our website There are still places available if you would like to come along.

Forums are great to attend because you not only get to hear interesting facts from the health professionals about research you can also ask questions, but you can talk to other people who have MPDs in a relaxed an informal atmosphere. Talking to someone who actually does understand what you are feeling can be very reassuring, the majority of us often feel frustrated because our condition doesn't always make us look ill, when in fact we feel awful and just want to stay in bed! So why not come along and learn more about MPDs.

We will also be having a forum in London on Wednesday 21 November from 6 – 9 pm in St Thomas’ Hospital, and Cardiff is planned for early October. If you would like to attend a forum please email us at to reserve your place, and remember, you can bring family and friends with you.

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would it be possible to have one in Northamptonshire please?



would it be possible to have on in nottingham as well. I would be happy to help as much as i am able


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