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COVID vaccine


I’m going for my first vaccine tomorrow. Has anyone had it already and did you get any after effects?

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Hi. Got my first jab of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine last Sunday. Only side effect has been a sore arm where I was injected. It’s still aching now 3 days after

Eh, I am not sure it works that way. They do not do any 'modifications' to the vaccines once trials start. Pfizer made 4 vaccines, the vaccines are exactly the same then as they are now.

MazcdAdministrator in reply to katernaya321

Hi Katernaya321, I am not sure what your reply is referring to, can you explain it, as no-one has mentioned modifications to the vaccines. Maz

Did you read advice a few days ago on a link . Arm excercises before vaccine are thought to help .

Mwalimu in reply to Mostew

I had no side effects - arm a little sore if I press the site of the injection. Sallie

Maybe gives a stronger immune response. Study done by Birmingham university for flu a few years ago ....

Hello I had my vaccine Thursday, early hours of Friday woke up burning up high temperature then shivering lasted 24hrs bit of a sore arm. Good luck with your vaccine

Thanks for all the replies. It helps!

I've had the two Pfizer jabs with no problems except a sore arm for a day or so.

Ive had my 1st Pfizer jab last week only had a bruise where i was jagged xJ x

I had my Pfizer vaccin, on Saturday. Absolutely no problem at all. Not even a sore arm. Stabbed my toe Saturday afternoon but guess it is not vaccin related 😆

Hello hall2,I had the AstraZeneca injection last Saturday, no sore arm or any other side effects. Like many others I self inject Pegasys into my stomach, so a small needle in the arm is a doddle. I do remember as a child the nurse always gave us a lolly for being good and having our injections.

Hope your jab goes well.

Take care


Hi I am due to have Pfizer jab tomorrow and just wondering if anyone has had this one who is on pegulated interferon and whether you have had side effects? Thank you


wishing you well. Touchwood I had my first jab on 17th Jan. I have kept well just have a small red area where it was given. Arm was rather tender the day after. Hope all goes well.

Had the Pfizer first dose on Monday, just a sore arm for a couple of days .

It seems lots of us have had the vaccine, not me have not heard anything, have not got vitamins d as well

Hi I had the AZ vaccine yesterday at 2pm and woke up in the early hours feeling very achy shivery and a sore arm . I took some paracetamol and have woken up feeling much better good luck

I’m in group 6. Fighting for recognition that should be group 4. Can I ask the age of people getting the vaccine? Anyone under 50?

Susana7 in reply to Jlah

If you had the shielding letter you are classified as extremely clinically vulnerable so should be in group if under 50. Worth fighting for the recognition, I.e. the shielding letter: it mattered for some employers before, it matters more now for the vaccine. I am having mine this week and am 57. I have read of younger patients being called for the vaccine on one of the Facebook MPN sites. It is the vulnerability status not the age that puts us in group 4. Good luck, hope you get the letter.

Had ours on Sunday last- feel fine (arm just a bit sore) otherwise A.OK!Don't worry you will be fine-its quick and efficiently done!

Best regards


Hi Everyone thanks for all the replies, I've had the jab at a very well organised venue and so far feel ok!

I've had the AZ one this morning so far no side effects.

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