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Does Hydroxurea give you nightmares?


Hello Lovely members,

I have ET ( JAK2 ), aged 56 and for 9 years just took I Cartia per day (1/2 aspirin) as level was around 900. This year, I had an atypical stroke/seizure whilst asleep (after forgetting to take the Cartia) which showed up clearly on an MRI, so I started Hydroxurea (Hydrea) at 1 capsule a day and reduced platelets from 1.1M to 850 over the course of a few weeks.

As I am to travel in 2 weeks the Haemo has increased my dose to 2 tablets a day to get them lower before I take my 24 hour trip from Australia to UK. I am having awful nightmares which is very unusual for me. Has anyone else experienced this? I think I may have a glass wine on the nights when this occurred so wonder if anyone noticed this effect either? I am also extremely tired.

I have also just been diagnosed with extra genetic risk factor of Leiden's Factor 5 so 5 x more likely than average to have a stroke so very glad I accepted the Hydroxurea and am lowering the risk but look forward to any nightmare reports although I don't wish them on anyone as so real and scary! Elzbietta xx

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yes I have experienced nightmares also since starting Hydroxy urea 18 months ago. I assume it is the medication and have to accept it Good luck....Planting

Occasionally have nightmares, but have started to take Magnesium Glycinate, mainly to try and stop terrible cramps in legs, but it also helps sleep and had no nightmares since. I think it has also reduced cramps, but not sure yet


Hi Elzietta,never had no nightmares while on it,but certainly had nightmares in the beginning before taking it in the initial first few weeks out of fear because of it being chemo. Glad i got over my fear because to be honest i think i would have rather had nightmares than the severe symptoms i was experiencing. I hope if it is the hydrea causing it,then i hope it subsides over time,if not have a talk with your haemo about it. Atb,tina.🤗

Not had nightmares but dreams seem much more vivid even when the dream was so boring, just dreaming about a bad day at work !

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