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hi melanie

i would gave hydroxycarbamide a go yes you feel a bit nausea to start with but you can get a drug called domperidone which cures it i have been on it years it was explained to me i could not have children but when it you work what is more important getting my platelets down after three clots to my liver and worked liked a treat and never looked back

best wishes


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Hi. I’ve replied to Melanie66 on her original posting. Have to say I had no nausea whatsoever and I don’t think it is usual. Any sense of feeling sick that I recall was just down to general anxiety. On reflection I suspect that the anxiety hype around Hydroxy is probably due to historical (and no longer valid) reasons. The benefits undoubtably are potentially enormous - and lifesaving. And the reality is the overwhelming majority of patients tolerate the drug exceedingly well.

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