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PV stinging itch and Ruxolitinib


Hi all

I really can’t wait to share how Rux has changed by daily life in less than a week.

I was approved for Ruxolitinib and started taking it a week ago. I feel fantastic - the itch has gone. I am generally warmer - what a wonder this is. I will have my bloods done on 5th and just hope they are ok as HU did control them very well. I am not guarantee to always be given them but for now I am so grateful.

The same day my first granddaughter was born

My best wishes to you all.

I have found a real comfort in reading all your daily posts

Anna 😃 x

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Hi anna, what a beautiful picture of your first grandaughter,reminding me when my second grandchild also a girl was recently born in september. Good news about the effects the ruxo is having on you in such a short period. Long may it continue. Atb, tina.🤗

Anna, what a beautiful baby she is. Good to hear that Ruxolitinib is working for you long may it last.

Jean x

Delighted the new meds have made such a difference to you. All the better to enjoy your gorgeous first granddaughter. Congratulations to you and your family.

S031251 in reply to Ebot

Thank you 😊

Congratulations to you and yours on the birth of your beautiful grandaughter!


S031251 in reply to lizzziep

Thank you lizzziep

Congratulations! What a wonderful experience -which you could enjoy all the more without itching!

Hi Anna,

Really lovely that Rux has been so helpful to you already, and that you have a beautiful granddaughter to celebrate too!

Best Wishes,


Wonderful to hear that you meds are fmhaving a positive effect on your life as will yor beautiful Grandaughter. Congrats on both.


I so know how you feel. Five months on from starting Ruxilitinib I'm still reveling in the pleasure of having a shower without itching. It has made such a difference to my quality of life. The other great pleasure in my life is my grandchildren. So enjoy the new arrival and many congratulations to you and your family. Amanda

S031251 in reply to asacker

Thank you so much I am still in shock at having NO stinging itch after 6 years of daily torment. This is my first grandchild and I always worried how I would be able to help out as they live close by - happy times for now - just hope it lasts.

Thanks also to all the support I’ve had from everyone.

Anna x


Wonderful news

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!!! Oh, and congratulations on the successful Ruxolitnib! I may go on this in the future so its good to hear its working 😊. Lesley x

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