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Anyone still have symptoms of Secondary Polycycthemia after venesection ? Bone pain and itching like mad ?


I had my blood tests done and still at the same point. Secondary Polycycthemia and having the symptoms still. Have monthly venesection and the symptoms are driving me mad. Particularly the itching , it’s awful. The bone aching at night is really distruptive too. Anyone else been waiting for diagnosis for ages ?

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Raise this with your haem. If your symptoms are becoming really intrusive then maybe worth a conversation about other options for management of bloods? Wishing you well.

Hi Kwebb, I agree with Ebot, it’s important you speak to your haem. In the meantime drink plenty water, avoid hot showers/baths, moisturise - I use Aveeno or Olay which should help with the itch.

I have bone ache but I think mine is due to osteoarthritis but with any pain, take painkillers regular and in plenty of time. Don’t wait until you are climbing the wall, because it takes ages to come back down from that level of pain.

Hope that helps until you can speak to your haem. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

I found that increasing my water intake each day helped the bone ache. I hope this helps.

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