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Inflammation, symptom or not?

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I was diagnosed with ET 4 1/2 years ago with JAK2+ and BMB showed mild fibrosis. I'll be getting a second opinion this year but was curious if others have shown inflammation in their bloodwork. I've been diagnosed with 2 types of Peripheral Neuropathy and a lot of other issues since being diagnosed. I was 42 when diagnosed. Took Anagrelide and Aspirin at first and now take Aspirin with 1,000mg Hydrea daily. When diagnosed platelets were 1045

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Why are you getting a second opinion?

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I'm getting a second opinion because I feel there's more going on and I'm not completely 100% happy with the doctor after 4 years. I'm going to see someone that specializes in MPN.

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I hope that a specialist in MPNs gives you the certainty you desire.

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